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Why should my child see a pediatric dentist instead of a family dentist?

Children have unique needs that require a special type of attention. From the language we use to the kid-sized equipment in our office, we are prepared to give your child the specialized care they deserve.

Pediatric dentists spend additional time in dental school to learn the skills and methods to effectively treat young patients. Because kids are still growing, they encounter unique challenges that adults don’t have to face. Pediatric dentists possess a knowledge base about growth anomalies and children's oral health issues that general dentists often are not aware of. Dr. Walton chose to work with kids because he truly cares. He treats each of our patients like he would want his own children to be treated.

In addition to the treatment differences between a pediatric dentist and family dentist, our office is designed just for kids! It is modern, brightly colored, and has a TV at every chair location. To keep your kids entertained, we have toys, games, iPads, and a fun interactive style. We encourage curiosity because we understand that children’s brains are always absorbing information.

Dr. Walton is extremely gentle and will make sure that your child receives the personalized treatment he or she needs based on their own individual oral health needs. We go at your child’s pace and monitor their attention spans so that each experience is a positive one.

Patient Testimonial: Burleson Pediatric Dentistry - Giselle Testimonial

Giselle wants to be a dentist just like Dr. Walton when she grows up! Call Dr. Walton at (817) 768-5315 to schedule an appointment today!
Burleson Pediatric Dentistry
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