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Orthodontic Evaluation

At Burleson Pediatric Dentistry, we evaluate your child’s growth pattern from their very first visit. By starting early with occlusal (bite) analysis and determining the growth pattern of your little one’s teeth, we can often identify common orthodontic conditions from a young age. When these conditions receive an early diagnosis, it gives you the opportunity to choose whether to have early orthodontic treatment.

Misaligned teeth are not just about appearance. In fact, misaligned teeth can cause headaches, broken teeth, gum disease, recession, and TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder), a painful condition affecting the jaw.

Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Because your child is still growing and their bones are still in the developmental phase, age seven or eight is the perfect time for an initial orthodontic evaluation. Treatment at this earlier age is called interceptive orthodontics, and it can decrease treatment times later during teen years.

When conditions such as overcrowding, under bite, overbite, and cross bite are diagnosed at an early age, braces and other orthodontic interventions can change the growth pattern of your child’s teeth and bones. For example, it used to be common practice to remove healthy teeth in the case of overcrowding. Now dentists can use a palatal expander to help the jaw grow in such a way that it can create room for growth, giving the teeth an opportunity to erupt in an ideal position.

If treatment is still necessary in their teens, it is often shorter, less complex, and less expensive.

Improved Orthodontic Technology 

Braces today are less visible and more comfortable than they used to be. While many children with occlusal issues still require two-phase treatment, their options are improved over previous options. For children wanting less visible braces, ceramic brackets can make their hardware more discreet for school photos, prom photos, and the inevitable selfies.

For kids who want to have fun with their treatment, colored bands and retainers allow them to express their individuality.

Orthodontic Specialists

We work with some of the best orthodontists in the area to provide your child with the necessary treatment they need to have a comfortable, attractive smile.

We will still see your child for regular exams and dental cleanings because oral hygiene is incredibly important during orthodontic treatment, when kids are more susceptible to decay. Because brackets collect food particles and bacteria, it is important to make sure they maintain their home oral hygiene and keep their regular professional cleaning appointments during treatment. We can share the best techniques to keep their teeth healthy while in braces.

Call Our Burleson, TX Dental Office for an Appointment

If your child is near the age of six or seven, it’s time for their first orthodontic evaluation. Give us a call and Dr. Chris Walton will share with you your child’s oral health conditions and the treatment options available to you. We look forward to helping your child achieve excellent dental health, comfort, and a beautiful smile.

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