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Parent and Patient Education

We believe that creating a partnership with parents is the best way to support their oral health. That is why we will work closely with you when we assess your child’s health, growth, nutrition, and oral habits. Working together to provide the best home care in conjunction with the best professional care will create a healthy foundation for a beautiful smile.

Nutritional Counseling

If your child experiences decay, we can discuss how a change in diet might improve their chances of avoiding this preventable condition. Sometimes small changes can add up to big results! Nutrition is a complex topic, especially when it comes to growing kids. We work closely with parents to determine what might cause decay and support you in making positive changes to protect the oral health of your child.

Home Care Routines

Kids are creatures of habit. Helping them develop good oral hygiene habits from a young age will mean that they will likely keep those habits for a lifetime. Each child is different and has unique health needs. We can discuss your little one’s specific needs at their initial exam. We believe that if parents can work closely with their children to develop good brushing and flossing habits, we can prevent potentially painful cavities and gum disease!

Growth and Development

You might be wondering if your child is on track when it comes to the development of their primary and permanent teeth. At our office, we will go over what to expect when it comes to the common stages of development. It is important to remember that each child is unique, but certain guidelines can help you understand what to expect. Good communication between you, as the parent, and Dr. Walton will help prepare you for your child’s development.

Your baby will likely begin to develop teeth around six months and will have a full set of baby teeth by the age of three, but a lot happens in between! At Burleson Pediatric Dentistry, we will explain what to expect for your baby’s development and how to give them the best care possible as they grow.

As your child develops permanent teeth, we will teach them how to protect their smiles for a lifetime, evaluate their bite, and recommend orthodontics, when necessary.

Patient Education

As your child grows and their understanding increases, we will teach them about good oral hygiene habits and how to keep their teeth healthy. Letting them play an active part in their oral hygiene can be a good step to build a lifelong healthy habit. 

If your child needs treatment, we will explain what to expect in terms that they can understand. We use gentle language and avoid scary words so we don’t cause unnecessary anxiety when it comes to procedures. They will have an opportunity to ask questions so that they completely understand their treatment and what to expect.

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If you want a dental team that partners with you, keeps you informed, and provides the best dental care possible for your child, call our Burleson, TX dental office today to schedule an exam with Dr. Chris Walton. We look forward to providing your children with the best dentistry available!

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