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Why are baby teeth so important? Don't they fall out?

You might think it’s no big deal if your child prematurely loses a baby tooth, also known as a primary tooth. After all, they have plenty of other teeth for chewing, right? In addition to chewing and speaking, baby teeth serve another important purpose. They hold the space for your child’s permanent tooth until it emerges.

When a baby tooth has untreated decay or infection, it can spread to their permanent tooth below.

Typically, children do not lose their baby teeth until their permanent teeth are ready to erupt through the gums. As the permanent tooth grows up through the gums, the baby tooth becomes more unstable and eventually falls out on its own. Sometimes, wiggling and playing with the loose tooth can expedite the process. 

Your child’s baby tooth keeps space in the jaw for your child’s permanent tooth to emerge in the proper location. When trauma or deep decay requires the removal of a baby tooth, the permanent tooth no longer has it as a guide. While it is often possible that your child will still have no problems with their permanent teeth, sometimes they can grow in incorrectly or misaligned.

Preventing decay with brushing, flossing, and routine dental hygiene appointments will help ensure your child’s smile is healthy and functional. If your child has an accident and loses a baby tooth, give us a call. 

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