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Hospital Dentistry

Young children, children with special needs, and children who have a significant dental need may be more comfortable in a hospital setting when it comes to their treatment.

We work closely with Cook Children’s Hospital to provide your child the type of dental care that will work best for them and support their overall health in a modern, well-equipped facility designed especially for children.

Children Who Need Extensive Dentistry

Long dental appointments can be tough on kids, but if they require extensive dentistry, we have a solution to make their treatment easier, more comfortable, and more successful. Hospital dentistry is a potential option for kids who need extractions, surgery, or other complex procedures. 

Cook Children’s Hospital is an ideal location for children who have extensive dental needs. Because they are equipped to treat children for all conditions, they have the very best pediatric anesthesiologists and facilities all at our disposal. 

Dr. Chris Walton works closely with their team of professionals to bring your child the safest and best care available to improve their oral health care needs.

Dentistry for Children with Special Needs

Most parents of children who have special needs understand how difficult it can be to get the necessary dental care that their children desperately need to stay healthy. Many children with developmental and behavioral disabilities simply cannot receive treatment in a traditional dental setting. This puts their health at risk because of their increased chance of decay, physical trauma, and gum disease.

Treatment in a hospital setting may be the only option available for your little one to have dental treatment and routine care. Since we have an established relationship with Cook Children’s Hospital, we can work with the best specialists in pediatrics. From the kid-sized equipment to experienced specialists, we provide the best hospital dentistry available, safely and efficiently.

Dental Care for Young Children

Treating the very young poses a number of challenges when it comes to dentistry. From their small anatomy to short attention spans, traditional dentistry may not be the best option.

For children under the age of three who require dental treatment, hospital dentistry is an option that allows us to complete more work in a shorter period of time and increase the comfort for your child. Often, hospital sedation can eliminate the fear, stress, and anxiety that treatment can create for young kids who have a limited ability to understand their dental treatment.

Call for a Dental Consultation

If you feel your child could benefit from hospital dentistry, contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Chris Walton. He can explain our in-office sedation options as well as the options available to you at Cook Children’s Hospital and help you to make a decision that will benefit the dental health of your child for years to come.


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